The Velocipede
The Velocipede

The Velocipede

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The velocipede patent with improvements by J. A. McKenzie -Patented in 1881.

Mckenzie was not the originator of the Velocipede. The earlier usable and much copied velocipede was created by the German inventor Karl Drais and he called his invention "The Running Machine". McKenzie's patented improvements included a clutch to add power to the driving wheel among other said improvements.

I beautifully laser engraved the patent drawing of this historic invention into a 12" x 19" maple wood plaque.

The process requires me to digitally remove a majority of imperfections from the original vintage image and in most cases juxtapose the elements creating a special work.

This unique custom made plaque will make for a great conversation piece. Buy one or purchase them in multiple sets to make a distinct wall grouping.

I will be continuing to add new and exciting pieces to the collection, so Bookmark Me so that you don't miss out on the strange, unique, and out of the ordinary things to come.

These works of art are available both unframed or framed in a black lacquer frame.

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