"Every Generation Has Its Heroes"

"Every Generation Has Its Heroes"

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Every Generation Has Its Heroes!


A limited edition, high quality art print signed and numbered by artist John Clancy. It is in honor of all first responders and essential workers that are continuing to make our lives livable as this pandemic continues.

It is a horrifying state of affairs we are in. An unprecedented worldwide pandemic.  It is causing the loss of life of those we hold dear to our hearts. Some will have serious medical conditions from it for the rest of their lives. It is changing our way of life and the way we live. In addition, changing the way we interact with one another. It has turned the world completely upside down and inside out. 

Despite these burdened times, we are all holding together in unity. We are fighting an invisible enemy that we must refuse to let win and crush it. It is people like our first responders (front liners) and essential workers that are leading the way on this fight. People of courageous integrity. People with giving hearts. People that are putting their lives on the line daily. Our first responders and essential workers are the heroes of today!

In appreciation of their dedicated service and in thanks giving, John was commissioned to do a painting to commemorate these heroes of today. They are simple ordinary people just like you and me.

The painting recently had its unveiling ceremony and is now on permanent display at the McArthur Airport in Islip, New York for all to see. It is on display in remembrance, honoring those that have been there for us during this extreme trying time.

This beautiful painting was commissioned by the Asian Jade Society which is an organization within the Suffolk County Police Department. Their goal...  for John to do a painting honoring our everyday heroes and make limited edition signed print replications, whereby part of the proceeds from sales go to charities affected by the pandemic.  

This program has been underway and is currently raising funds to help pandemic affected charities. A great cause that you can be part of!

The Asian Jade Society has done a lot to help others during these hard times. During this pandemic, the Society has pivoted from their usual role to assist the community in every way possible. To date, they have donated over 2,000 meals, several hundred "goodie" bags, 400 bottles of wine, over 2,000 face shields, 6,000 masks to our healthcare heroes. In addition, mobilized members of the military at the COVID19 testing site in Stony Brook, NY, the Army Corps of Engineers and its contractor building the field hospital at Stony Brook, law enforcement officers, nursing homes and other facilities. They have identified several members of the community who have helped the pandemic effort by creating and donating face shields with money out of pocket.


When one thinks about it, these heroes can be easily forgotten. Do not our grocery store workers put their lives on the line when they could be staying home safe? What about the PD and FD? Many more people from different walks of life and in public service positions are sacrificing for us daily.


Nurses, doctors, food establishments, fire fighters, police, construction workers, delivery services, postal workers and the list goes on.


What is a better way to say thanks then by giving one of these heroes or the organizations or institutions they work for, a memento honoring their service to us and showing we care? Not only will you be giving thanks, but helping others with your donation purchase as well.


Every Generation Has Its Heroes!